How to Deactivate Caller Tune in BSNL?

How to deactivate caller tune in BSNL? Well, if you are a BSNL user, you may want to activate or deactivate the caller tune on your phone. It’s doesn’t take any longer to do that because we are going to share the easiest way to do it like a pro.

Before moving on to that, let’s know something interesting about it. BSNL is one of the most popular telecom service providers in India. BSNL caller tune service offers something exciting through their caller tunes. It entertains the callers to enjoy the tune till you receive the call.

You can even set your own tune or songs you want. However, that’s not what we want to discuss here, right? So, without wasting a moment, let’s discuss the way of deactivating the caller tune in BSNL.

How To Deactivate Caller Tune in BSNL Using BSNL Number?

We are at the right point to solve your problem exactly what you want to see in this article. Remember that we will deactivate the BSNL caller tune and cover everything related to the BSNL caller tune. So, keep reading the article, you won’t regret it ever.

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Well, we will cover a couple of methods to deactivate BSNL Caller Tune for you. So, in any case, in any condition, you can deactivate the BSNL caller tune easily. Let’s not wait and check all those methods of deactivating the BSNL caller tune.

  1. Method 01 (Dialing): To deactivate the BSNL caller tune in BSNL, you have to dial “56700.”
  2. Method 02 (SMS): To deactivate the BSNL caller tune in BSNL, type “UNSUB” and send it to 56700 or 56799.
  3. Method 03 (App): You can also deactivate the BSNL caller tune using the mobile app. You just need to have to be connected to the internet on your mobile phone.

Now that you know how to deactivate caller tune in BSNL using BSNL number, we will now move on to our next section. We are going to share how to activate BSNL caller tune in BSNL. As well as we will show you how much does it cost to activate it on your BSNL number. Without further due, let’s check it out now.

How To Activate BSNL Caller Tune on Your BSNL Number?

Activating BSNL caller tune is not very difficult.  There are three different ways on how to activate BSNL caller tune on BSNL number. We will discuss all three of them for you. So, you can use any of them to activate based on your interest. Don’t worry, and there are no confusing steps involved here. Three methods are,

  1. Using USSD Code
  2. Using IVR Number
  3. Using BSNL SMS Service

Let’s know the process individually.

Using USSD Code

It’s the easiest method for activating BSNL caller tune on your BSNL number. Let’s check the process below.

Just dial *567# and follow the USSD instructions to activate BSNL caller tune service with USSD method.

Using IVR Number

Here is our second method on how to activate BSNL caller tune on BSNL number. Don’t worry, and it is also very easy and useful for BSNL user. Let’s see the method with the exact process.

Call on 56789, 56700, 56768 (Rs. 2 per minute), and choose your favorite dialer tone from available options.

Using BSNL SMS Service

It is our last method for activating BSNL caller tune on BSNL number. Please be careful, and a single mistake can make you stressed doing it. That’s enough caution. Let’s check the process.

To activate BSNL caller tune by SMS, you can send “BT 32102” to 56700. The BT Code can be changed according to your song preference. It is an important code for the particular tune you want to set as a BSNL caller tune.

Now that you know how to activate BSNL caller tune on BSNL number let’s check how much it costs.

How Much Does it Cost to Activate Caller tune on BSNL Number?

Well, it’s a business. You have to understand it. BSNL is offering something interesting and funny for you so that it will charge for the service. We all know that the cost is RS. 30 per month for a BSNL caller tune subscription.

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However, if you want to change the caller tune, you will have to pay RS.12 for an individual song or renewal of the song. You should also know that the BSNL caller tune’s validity is only 30 days. So, you need to renew the subscription every 30 days with RS. 30 rupee.

How to Activate BSNL Tune Service By Using My BSNL Tunes App

You probably know that BSNL has an application named “My BSNL Tunes Application.” In this application, BSNL has stored hundreds of tunes for you. You can just search them using that application and set that as your BSNL caller tune. You can even choose the caller tune based on your preferred language.

You can easily select the tune and activate, change, deactivate BSNL caller tune any time by using this app on your mobile. It will also allow you to choose a different song based on different categories.

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You can also change the tune’s name and set that as the tune name, shown to your callers and entertained differently. The application is user-friendly, and you don’t need any technical knowledge to operate this application.

If you want to deactivate, we have already explained how to deactivate caller tune in BSNL number in the above discussion.

Activate BSNL Caller Tune Online | Enable Caller Tune in BSNL Online

Steps to subscribe or change BSNL caller tune online:

  • Visit the BSNL caller tune website on your device.
  • From the list of available songs, choose your favorite one for your caller tune.
  • After selecting the song, click on the mobile icon.
  • Now fill in your number and verify to activate BSNL caller tune online.

When Should I Deactivate BSNL Song?

Often people try to deactivate BSNL tune. However, when should you deactivate BSNL tune? According to our knowledge, you should disable the BSNL caller tune from your device when it gets automatically expires.

Usually, in 30 days, the caller tune is automatically deactivated. However, you can renew it or change it by paying RS.30 for the next month.

How To Activate BSNL Free Caller Tune?

You can use BSNL free hello tune trick to activate BSNL free caller tune on your number. To set BSNL caller tune for free, send a message with the text “BT 7903280” and send it to 56700. You will get a confirmation message on your number of free caller tune on BSNL.

FAQs About How To Deactivate and Activate BSNL Caller Tune

We are often receiving many queries regarding BSNL caller tune. So, we thought, it would be great for you if you could get all the answers at the same place. So, we have developed this FAQ section to answer all those frequently asked questions. Let’s check them out.

What is BSNL Caller Tune Service?

Answer: BSNL caller tune service is a custom service that allows users to set their favorite song, dialogue on your BSNL number as your caller tune. The tune will be played when someone calls you.

What are Official BSNL Caller Tune Charges?

Answer: The official BSNL caller tune charges are 30 rupees per month. You can renew it, change it, or deactivate it anytime.

Can I Activate the BSNL Caller Tune from BSNL Tune Web Postal?

Answer: Yes, you can also change or enable the BSNL caller tune service from the BSNL tune web portal. You can check everything in our article. We have explained all the processes in the above discussion.

What is the BSNL Hello Tune Deactivate Number?

Answer: The BSNL hello tune deactivating number is 155223, on which you have to send a message “STOP.”

How to Deactivate Caller Tune in BSNL Number?

Answer: To remove or deactivate the BSNL caller tune service, you can call on”56700″ number or send a message.

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