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How to Invest in Real Estate Canada?

Investing in real estate is a common thing for investors. This is because real estate investment brings a great profit. Many investors think that they cannot afford it, but that is so not true!

You can also afford to invest in real estate. All you need is some guidelines to show you the way. It includes a complete how to invest in real estate Canada. You can also seek real estate lawyer Edmonton support for this.

But before that, let’s first understand why you should be bothered with it. And also, you will need to realize if it’s a good decision for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the discussion.

Why Should You Invest in Real Estate Canada?

We are often bottled up with different projects in our lives. This involves provident funds, equity firms, pension funds, insurance payments, and many more. In between all these, we tend to overlook real estate investments.

This is major because people think that real estate is a very expensive investment. While you may not be wrong, there are positive signs too.

You can build a portfolio and invest in minimal-risk properties. This way, it can become more attainable to generate a higher profit. Major players are investing in real estate. As a result, you will have all the guidelines you require for the tasks.

Different Ways to Invest in Real Estate Canada

There are many different ways to invest in real estate. Some are active, and some are passive. The active investment options are owning a rental or residential property. And the passive investment options are ETFs, mutual funds, and others.

There are many more options available for you as well.

Below are some of the approaches you might consider taking.

Buy a principal residence

The most basic approach to real estate investment is buying a principal residence. It will be a long-term investment for you. You’re buying a home to live in. As a result, there are a few things that you will need to consider and keep in mind.

Invest in rental properties

This can be a low-risk investment for you. Rental properties can give you opportunities to rent out the apartments to tenants. You can manage the kind of involvement you will have with the property. Either you act as a landlord, or you hire a property manager.

Buy a vacation property

A vacation property is a good investment for a beginner investor. But before that, you must be sure of why you are buying the property. If you buy a vacation property at a good location, you will get good money from renting it.

You can also consider buying a timeshare. This means sharing the usage and cost with the actual owner of the property. The best option to buy a timeshare is from the resale market.

Invest in pre-sale condo assignments

This is a passive way to start investing in real estate. A pre-sale condo assignment is a simple concept. It means selling the rights to your completed condo to someone else.

But in this case, you sell away the rights before even the condo is complete. The term “assignment” is associated with it as you give away the rights to another investor.


The full form of REIT is Real Estate Investment Trust. It is a company that has ownership and operations over commercial properties. It includes hospitals, office spaces, apartments, and shopping centers.

You can also invest in REIT public shares. A diverse form of REIT is ETF. It is much less risky and good for new traders.

Invest in private mortgages

Investing in private mortgages is an effective approach for many. You basically become a bank for other investors in this way. Investors will seek out you when banks reject their home loans.

All you have to do is align with a private mortgage broker. And thus, you will find many real estate customers where you can invest.

Invest in Commercial properties

Investing in commercial properties can be the most expensive of all. So, you will need a high amount of money for this. For a beginner and risk-averse investor, investing in ETFs or a company’s mutual funds can be a better option.


Now you know how to invest in real estate in Canada. You have lots of options to look into. This article only provides a basic idea. You can always research more into the available ways and find your best fit. And the good news is, all of them can bring you a good amount of profit.

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