What Are the Grounds to Terminate Parental Rights in Canada?

As a parent, you need to maintain some rules and responsibilities regarding your children’s bearing up to a certain age. In many countries, including Canada, parents are required to assist their children up to 19. The end of parental rights is the legitimate cycle where the court cuts off the parent-youngster friendship between a kid and either of the kid’s folks.

But there may be some situations when parents need to turn away from those responsibilities for the greater good of their children.

So what are the parental rights, and how to terminate parental rights legally?

In the following discussion, we will try to provide a clear overview of these issues.

What are Parental Rights?

Parental rights are the set of responsibilities and legal obedience maintained by the couple who are legally married. And the rights are for the convenience of their children.

These parental rights may include:

  • children’s education
  • children’s supervision
  • child’s physical care
  • children’s naming
  • children’s mental and emotional support

And ultimately financial and another necessary wellbeing of the children.

Grounds to Terminate Parental Rights

It’s a legal aspect that you are bound to keep and maintain the basic human rights of your children being a parent. Eventually, the authority always puts the interest of the children in the first place.

So the termination of parental rights is a severe process, and under any circumstance, the court always considers the safety and security of the concerning children.

Let’s look at the extreme circumstance of parental rights termination:

  • Severe abuse from parents, including the sexual abuse
  • Chronic abuse
  • The inability of the parents to support children financially
  • Lack of proper communication for the long-term and showing of negligence
  • Habitual maltreatment and intoxicating behavior
  • Parent with a criminal conviction

Parental rights are legal duties, so the termination of parental rights need to happen through a legal process. As a result, the concerning party has to file a request in court.

After the placement of the request, the legal body takes the necessary steps and measures the situation to proceed with the termination process.

When Not to Terminate Parental Rights

It is very frustrating for any child when any parent tries to withhold the contact or not provide child support. Some aspects will not allow you to have the termination of the parental rights.

And if the termination happens, the parents behind child support still have the right to see and talk to the children unless the legal authority tells anything contrary.

Under any circumstance, the local judges will verify the requirements whether you are eligible for termination of parental rights or not.

Disobedience to Court-mandated

The court will take action or look for the situation like children’s indifference towards the parents and the parents’ attitude or behavior towards the children. And if the authority finds any abuse or negligence, it will dismiss the contract.

Under that circumstances, the judges will appoint the appropriate person or body to support or custody of the children upon the proper evidence.

Bottom Line

The termination of the parental right goes through a legal process. The consideration by the court can be raised from the extreme abusive behavior to the children, financial inability of the parents, or habitual or chronic maltreatment to the child.

By measuring the necessary factors, the court can terminate the parental rights and appoint a suitable body for the essential looking after the children.

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