What Happens If You Don’t Stay At The Scene Of An Accident?

Accidents are uncertain and unwanted events for everyone. And after a collision or car accident happen, many of us try to avoid our immediate responsibility and leave the scene.

So the question is that —Is it valid or legal to leave the scene of an accident? And what more can happen if your fail to remain at the accident scene after a car collision?

Have a look at this article to clear your doubt.

What happens if you don’t stay at the scene of an accident?

It is unlawful to leave the scene of an accident. And if you’re the guilty person and cause damage to the other person or driver due to your negligence. You may face severe amount legal charges.

In unique circumstances of a car accident, you can face civil offense if you don’t stay at the location of the accident you have involvement. So you must remain at the spot of the collision.

You need to make the necessary attempts so that the safety of all the parties is ensured. The legal authority, insurance company, and other responders may need your help for the useful information and details of the incidents.

What happens if you leave the scene?

The person leaving the scene is liable to the victim who gets the damage. And the charge against the guilty person can vary depending on the injury the victim’s faces.

Under the hit-and-run accident lawyer, a person can face a serious legal charge, including jail for several years.

Other things include as following:

Fine and compensation for the victim

You may put some other or any driver in serious physical injury and property damage for your negligence. For the proven guilty, the legal authority can charge you a fine, and you may have to provide compensation for the injured under the insurance policy and legal terms.

Face any other trail

For serious kinds of injury, including killing someone, you may need to face trial and court order and further investigation. And if you leave the scene, things will be more difficult for you.

Suspension of the license

One of the immediate changes you can face from leaving the accident spot and leaving other people in danger will be followed by the suspension of your driving license.

On the other hand, if you are a victim or non-faulty person, you may be eligible for compensation, including your medical treatment and additional property damage fee. The compensation is provided upon the proper settlement between the parties.

Now, let’s move on to the discussion of a better reaction to make after an accident you were part of.

What is better to do after an accident?

Being a responsible and conscious person, you shouldn’t leave the accident spot immediately. And if you leave, you may face a penalty of a different dimension.

So what do you really do now?

Take Care of the Injured

Confirm everyone is okay immediately after the accident if you are not the injured person. The first responder and the police may appear for the information and evidence collection. And provide the legal authority with the necessary information they ask for.

Consider Your Safety

As a result of the accident, you also can get injured. So do consider your condition in the post-accident scenario and take necessary first aid if required. It will help you to stay on the spot and manage the situation. It is also important that pedestrians are out of traffic and are on the safe side.

Insurance Information Exchanging

You may need to exchange your insurance information with the other party involved in the accident. Try to contact the proper law enforcement agency and have a cordial discussion so that you don’t face any severe service.

Take Pictures and collect evidence

Take a picture of the accident spot, affected vehicle, and people injured due to the accident. It will be crucial for the post-accident investigation and your defense against any kind of claim.

Final Thought

Once an accident happens, your decision to stay at the spot of the accident is very crucial. Any decision you take will eventually affect your health and financial situation and social circumstance. So you better don’t leave the scene and assist the legal authority as well as you can.

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