What Is the Purpose of Islamic Education?

The first revealed verse of the Holy Qur’an tells us “Iqra” means Read. So, here Allah orders us to get the knowledge of Islam. And, this is what Muslim parents care about their children the most when it comes to their education.

But how can Islamic Education do any betterment in your life? Is it really important? Is it only for the Muslims or for all? Is Islam just a belief or merely some combination of rituals, or more than that? And finally, are there any Islamic schools in Dhaka?

Let’s figure out all the answers and know what is the purpose of Islamic education.

Why We Need Islamic Education?

The purpose of Islamic Education is not something because we are expecting an outcome of it. Of course, it will benefit you in the long run. But, first of all, it is the duty of every Muslim to gain Islamic knowledge.

Undeniably, childhood is the best time to introduce Islamic Education both at home and school.

Now the questions recure, ‘what’ and ‘why’. Read on. You’ll know what is the purpose of Islamic Education.

In short, Islamic education works as a guide for a person because it manifests Islam as guidance for humanity. We’ll discuss how.

It talks about your identity

Islamic Education shares the view of what the purpose of mankind in this world is. It explains what could be the best example of a person. Also, it defines how to recognize a Muslim’s identity and what should be the course of their actions.

Besides, Islam has a specific and unique culture and practices that a person cannot learn overnight. One has to study this field to know it precisely and apply it.

It tells what your responsibility is

A person walking on the path of Islam gets to be a responsible one and maintain discipline. One should be truthful in every word, keeping promises and honest.

Islamic Education also encourages helping the helpless, being always well-being to the society. And, it doesn’t specify and division in that. Also, Islam discourages running away from performing one’s duty.

It makes you a good person

The best interpersonal virtue considered in Islam is manner and behavior. The great Prophet (PBUH) is an icon of manner. He never discriminated between race, class, gender, or nationality. That represents equality and justice, which every person in society should practice in every phase of life.

The identity of being a Muslim cannot fulfill unless the person is not good in his personal or family, or social life. Compassion, empathy, forgiveness are the virtues we should own as individuals. Islamic Education takes a person nearer to society rather than taking away.

It is the solution to every problem

Islam not only traces a problem but suggests how to solve it. For example, one of the global problems, poverty, can easily be eliminated if people fulfill the duties of their Zakat.

It’s a complete guideline for mankind

The purpose of Islamic Education lies in the uniqueness of Islam. There is no specific parameter of Islamic Education. Unlike other religions, it is the universal religion. Islamic Education proposes the best way to lead social, local, and international life. Islam covers every field of life.

Misconceptions about Islam

Unfortunately, a large number of people around the world have the wrong perceptions about Islam. It has become an inevitable duty of Muslims to correct misconceptions.

For that, first, Muslims should have enough knowledge about Islam. So, educating and enlightening people with the knowledge of Islam is now another purpose of Islamic Education.

Last but not least, Muslims have to please Allah. The best way to do that is to follow the guidelines of the Prophet (PBUH) – the prime purpose of Islamic Education.

Last Word

One of the surprising facts about Islam is- it is not only for the Muslims, and anyone can gain from it. In this era of communication and globalization, it is easy to spread any rumor, be it political or religious. And, a little falsification can bring anarchy among the people.

To prevail in harmony and appreciation among humanity, we must prevent wrong steps taken by the wrong people. Knowledge plays here a more effective role than anything, i.e., Islamic Education.

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