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How To Lock Facebook Profile: Protect Your Profile

How To Lock Facebook Profile in the easiest way? Well, you must’ve been trying to learn how to lock fb account from your mobile or desktop, right? Let’s agree that most of the time, we try to check it, find it confusing.

Here’s I’m going to share the most useful way on how to lock fb profile on pc. Because most people nowadays have computers, I’ve covered the question of how to easily lock fb profile from pc for you easily.

A couple of months back, Facebook presented a wellbeing highlight called ‘Facebook Profile Lock,’ which permitted Indian clients more command over their profiles. With the assistance of this component, clients can totally bolt their Facebook profile from outsiders or any profile guest who isn’t important for the client’s companions list.

How To Lock Facebook Profile: Protect Your Profile 1

At the point when the component was presented in India, the web-based media goliath delivered an articulation saying that the capacity to bolt a Facebook profile is an element that has been intended for the Indian clients, particularly ladies, who wish to have more power over their Facebook experience.

How to Lock FB Profile on Android or IOS

We are going to show you exactly how to lock fb profile on android or any other mobile device. The steps are the same. Do you want to lock your profile without any hassle? Check out the below steps to get the best way of doing it.

How to Lock FB Profile - Step 05

Here’s the most actionable method on how to lock fb profile on android/IOS

It will take at most 15 minutes to completely lock your facebook profile. 15 hours

Step-01: Find the “More” Button on Your Profile

How to Lock FB Profile - Step 01

Log into Your Profile Page and Tap on the “More” Button Under Your Profile Name. It will lead you to the next step and allow you to find the options for locking your account.

Step-02: Find the “Lock Profile” Option

How to Lock FB Profile - Step 02

Find the “Lock Profile” Option and Click on It. You will find it if you follow step one because we have demonstrated it through an image for every step.

Step-03: Find the “Lock Your Profile” Button

How to Lock FB Profile - Step 03

After Clicking on the “Lock Profile” Button, you will see a primary page showing the option called “Lock Your Profile” below. You must click and confirm that you want to lock your profile finally. Check the image to see.

Step-04: Confirm That Your Account Is Locked

How to Lock Facebook Profile - Step 04

After completing all the steps we have mentioned earlier, you will see the “OK” button. You need to click on the OK button to confirm that, Yes you have done it correctly. You will see the green button showing the message “You Locked Your Profile.”

Step-05(Final Step): Check Whether Your Account Is Locked or Not

How to Lock FB Profile - Step 05

After confirming, now the last and final step is to check the profile whether you have locked your account correctly or not. Check the picture, and you will see what you have done so far.

In this way, on the off chance that you are thinking about how you can utilize the new ‘Facebook Profile Lock’ yourself, here are the means by which to do it.

How to Lock Facebook Profile

If you know exactly how to lock fb profile without any hassle, you can understand how to lock fb profile in public. Sometimes, I have seen that some people are using my info or collecting my info from my Facebook profile. And they use it for dishonest purposes. Here are the basic advances you have to follow to bolt your Facebook profile from stalkers:

  • Stage 1: Dispatch Facebook on your gadget.

The element is accessible on both the Facebook portable application and the web rendition.

  • Stage 2: Go to your profile and tap on the ‘More’ alternative under your Profile Photograph.
Lock Facebook Profile
Image credits: Facebook
  • Stage 3: Presently, click on the ‘Lock Profile’ choice from the rundown of accessible choices.
Lock Facebook Profile
Image credits: Facebook
  • Stage 4: Presently, click on the ‘Lock Your Profile’ alternative to affirm.
Lock Facebook Profile
Image credits: Facebook

Whenever you have followed the above advances, your profile will get bolted, and it will likewise show a message saying that the profile has been bolted at whatever point more abnormal visits your profile.

In any case, you can generally decide to eliminate the profile bolt and apply a lot of other protection and security settings to your record.

Before presenting a profile lock, Facebook previously had an alternative called ‘Profile Picture Gatekeeper,’ which permitted clients to bolt their profile pictures from profile guests.

The element is as yet accessible, and it basically forestalls profile guests from reviewing or downloading a profile photograph on their gadgets.

With respect to the new ‘Facebook Profile Lock’ highlight, it can likewise assist clients with concealing their profile subtleties and different exercises on their timetable, including posts.

Final Words: How to Lock FB Profile on Any Device

We have shared the most straightforward method for changing the lock status of your Facebook profile. If you follow our steps, then you will know how to lock fb profile without any hassle. We are in the end of our discussion on how to lock our Facebook profile here. So, if you have yet to clarify the steps, please check out the methods and steps again to do it successfully.

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