What are The Types of Assault Charges?

Nowadays, it is impossible to live a life of peace without any trouble. Because any desperate guy can break into your home in the middle of the night to rob you!

The burglar might have shot you with a gun or hit you with a blunt weapon. So, you can be the victim of the 890 violent assault crimes among every 100,000 people in Canada.

A glimpse at assault charges types often helps people deal with their situations. So, it’s better to know the types of assault charges before learning how to beat an assault charge in Canada simply.

The right attorney could instruct you with the proper guideline once you share with him the correct description of the assault. Therefore, knowing the assault types is a top priority.

What is an Assault?

Intentional action in any incident that harms another person physically is called “assault.” Physical injury is not mandatory to file any case as an assault. Assaulting allows police officers to arrest the attacker before hitting on his target.

Types of The Assault Charges

An attempt can happen in multiple ways. So, there is no requirement for physical force to press an assault charge. The attacker can also use gestures, intimidation, or impede as a threat to strike anyone.

The threat of violence is enough to throw assault charges. Most jurisdiction recognizes some common types of assault to make a charge. Please take a look at the following paragraph to know the details.

We have provided details about nine types of standard assault charges.

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1.   Simple Assault Charges

Simple assault involves an altercation like a push or shoves up to a brawl. But the victims have any minor injury or, most likely, no injury. The client can pursue two types of prosecution depending on the severity of the assault.

The judge can process a summary conviction. Or else a more severe offence can lead to a formal court proceeding. Criminal lawyers can navigate the fact better.

2.   Weapon Assault Charges

Violent acts by showing off a weapon are considered assault with a firearm. For example, the assaulter can bring a knife, gun, or other harmful weapons with him.

This charge can be prosecuted as a summary conviction. Also, it can be an indictable offence with a potential jail period of up to ten years.

3.   Bodily Harm Assault Charges

Bodily harm assault happens when the assaulter applies body or weapon contact that causes injuries to the other person. This assault is prosecuted as an assault causing physical harm.

Jurisdiction deal This assault charges as a summary conviction or indictable offence that can bring a penalty of up to ten years.

4.   Aggravated Assault Charges

Aggravated assault is the type of approach that can cause permanent bodily harm. The harm includes wounds, breaking bones, maiming, or even death.

Jurisdiction treats this kind of assault charge as an indictable offence resulting in up to 18 months to ten years in prison.

5.   Sexual Assault Charges

Any non-consensual approach to having physical relations resulted in sexual assault charges. It is one of the most severe personal assaults on another person.

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Jurisdiction can prosecute the assault charge as a summary conviction or an indictable offence. The guilty must serve from eighteen months to up to ten years of jail.

6.   Weapon Charging Sexual Assault Charge

Sexual assaults have several types while having similar charges. Many assaulters use weapons in sexual intercourse or as a threatening weapon.

Jurisdictions may penalize the assaulter through a summary conviction or indictable offence, which will cause jail time from 18 months to ten years.

7.   Aggravated Sexual Assault Charges

Aggravated sexual assault causes physical harm beyond sexual assault. The victim can die from such sexual assault. When a weapon is involved, the jurisdiction can sentence at least four years of jail.\

8.   Assaulting a Police Officer Charges

An assault on police officers takes place by a civilian. Jurisdiction can prosecute both a summary conviction and an indictable offence., so it depends on the severity of the assault. Aggravated police officer charges and will carry different prison times of up to 14 years.

9.   Assault Against a Public Transit Operator Charges

Most people do not know there is a separate offence for the assault of a public transit operator. It includes any vehicle that transports people, like public transit and school buses. These types of assault charges can carry similar sentences for simple assault.

Wrap Up

Different types of assault charges will give you a great idea of how to deal with those charges. Those will help also let you know what kinds of lawyers you may need for your advocacy. Always use a qualified criminal lawyer’s expert guidance to eliminate mistakenly accused assault charges.

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