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This Is Not a Drill — Warning Signs of a Bad Dentist

Not all dentists are equal: some lack skill, some operate in poorly managed and poorly equipped practices, and some lack professional demeanour, which repels potential visitors.

In the following paragraphs, we’re looking at some warning signs of a bad dentist that will let you know it’s time to look for a new doctor. Before we start: if you’re looking for a professional, ethical dentist in the Streetville, Chicago, area, you can click here to view details.

The Tell-Tale Signs of an Unprofessional Dentist

It’s often easy to forget dentists are doctors. Perhaps that’s because we visit them less frequently than physicians, or it could be because we think our teeth serve a merely aesthetic purpose. Whatever the case may be, we make a grave mistake thinking dental services are not medicine.

Our teeth are essential for our overall health, so we must ensure our dentists are competent, professional, and legit. That’s especially true when it comes to family dental care because children need more tender care and a more welcoming approach.

Naturally, there is no straightforward answer when figuring out who the best dentist is, as that will vary on several factors. What’s important is that you do research instead of just settling for the closest dentist or listening to word-of-mouth recommendations.

Below is a list of some tell-tale signs that will almost certainly spell fraudulent practices, so you make sure you’ve crossed them all out next time you’re looking for dental care.

1.   They Don’t Check Your Dental History

It’s always a bad sign when you find a seemingly good dentist’s office, but the dentist fails to ask you about your dental history and suggests they do a total examination of your mouth.

To provide you with the best possible care, your dentist has to know where you stand with oral hygiene and what kind of treatment you may or may not have received in the past. Otherwise, they’ll shoot in the dark, not knowing what kind of patient they’re dealing with and their needs.

2.   They Claim Old-Fashioned Methods Are Always Better

We’ve all met those people who claim old things are necessarily better. That’s sometimes true, but when it comes to medicine, it can be a rather dangerous stance.

We are pushing the limits of our knowledge every day, and new, sophisticated technology makes all sorts of procedures simpler, safer, and less painful. New developments in dentistry also ensure we diagnose patients properly instead of having to make guesses as to what’s wrong with their teeth.

3.   Their Equipment and Attire Look Unsanitized

A good dental office is well-equipped with all the well-sanitised and pristine tools. If you notice dirt, rust, or any kind of residue on your dentist’s tools, it’s time to leave immediately. You should also leave if your dentist is not wearing any gloves or if they’re not wearing a mask.

4.   They Have a Bad Reputation

Perhaps it goes without saying, but if your dentist has bad reviews online and people keep generally saying bad things about them, you have no reason to visit them. There are surely more local dentists you can check out, those with better reviews and more satisfied customers.

5.   They Are Rude and Try to Engage in Misconduct of Any Sort

Dentists are doctors; thus, they must maintain professional appearances and behave ethically when interacting with their patients. If your dentist is rude, come to work intoxicated, or attempts to engage in sexual misconduct with you, you should immediately contact the authorities, especially if it’s your family dentist who treats young patients.

6.   They Keep Suggesting Unnecessary Treatments and Overcharging You for Necessary Ones

Trying to scam someone is the surest sign of fraudulent behaviour. Some dentists prey on unwitting patients, trying to squeeze more money out of them by suggesting unnecessary treatments, selling useless products, or suggesting various treatment methods that are nothing more than gimmicks. If you suspect your dentist might be up to some shady business, seek dental services elsewhere.

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How Are Common Frauds?

In conclusion, we have to say that the vast majority of dentists are legitimate. They will provide you with all the necessary care and won’t break your trust by sharing your information with others or abusing your goodwill.

Building a good reputation is crucial for a long-lasting practice, and it takes a lot of hard work to get to the point where you can call yourself a successful dentist. In other words, your local Saturday dentist is most likely working hard and doing their best to restore their patients’ smiles.

However, like most fields in almost every industry, dentistry is not immune to predatory behaviour. Some practitioners are greedy, some have their own issues, and others have little empathy for their patients, which leads them to take advantage of them for their own ends. Luckily, you can avoid those people by researching and looking for all signs of unethical conduct.

Lastly, you must report any apparent or suspected misconduct on your dentist’s part. You can contact your local authorities or the dental board, depending on your area of residence.

Removing potentially abusive and unprofessional dentists from the public sphere and ensuring they face disciplinary action or license revocation helps protect others who might otherwise fall victim to their abusive behaviour.

Once again, being careful is especially important in family dentistry, that is, with dentists who are in contact with minors. The same goes for those treating the elderly and the disabled.

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