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Dhaka To Khulna Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2022

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Dhaka To Khulna Train Schedule and Ticket Price can be different destination to destination. The latest update is our today’s topic of discussion. If you are trying to get the latest Khulna to Dhaka train schedule along with ticket price then you are in the right place. We will also discuss dhaka to khulna train ticket price.

Actually, We will share everything about this train route. We will share both of the routes that are Dhaka to Khulna route and Khulna to Dhaka route. However, we will also discuss the stoppages and schedule for both the Intercity and Mail train schedule and ticket price as well.

Because we are going to discuss Dhaka to Khulna train schedule, Dhaka to Khulna train ticket price, Khulna to Dhaka train schedule, Khulna to Dhaka train ticket price. Let’s start the discussion with the train details which are running in this route.

Dhaka To Khulna Trains

There are more than two trains are now running in this rail route of Dhaka to Khulna and Khulna to Dhaka directly. Most of the people are choosing the train journey over the Bus journey. You know that those two trains are serving most of the passenger who is travelling from Dhaka to Khulna and from Khulna and Dhaka. Those two trains are,

  1. Chitra Express
  2. Sundarban Express

Now we are going to discuss details of both of those trains because if you do not know the details of those trains you might get into unnecessary hassles during your travel. let’s start with Sundarban Express.

Sundarban Express

Sundarban Express is one of the most popular trains in Bangladesh Railway. It is also the first train running on Dhaka to Khulna and Khulna to Dhaka route 6 days in a week. It runs in the daytime. So, if you are trying to travel in the daytime then your best choice must be Sundarban Express.

Sundarban Express starts its journey at 6.20 AM in the morning from Dhaka and reaches Khulna at 16.10 PM. It is an express train and it runs 6 days in a week from Dhaka as we said earlier in this post that it has one off-day which is Wednesday.

In the same way, Sundarban Express starts its journey at 8.30 PM in the night from Khulna and Reach Dhaka at 05.40 AM in the morning. Except for Tuesday, Sundarban Express runs 6 days in a week. You can check all the information regarding Sundarban Express from the below table

Sundarban Express Train Ticket Price

Seat distribution is standardized by the Bangladesh Railway authority. There are several standards of seats available in every train running on the railroad in Bangladesh. Ticket prices are based on the standard of the type of seats.

Sundarban Express is one of the luxurious trains running under the Bangladesh Railway. It also has different types of standardized sitting system. The ticket price of Sundarban Express is also based on the Standard class of type of seats. You will find a table along with the ticket price for different classes of seats below.

Sundarban Express Stoppages

During its travelling in Dhaka to Khulna route Sundarban train has some stoppages where it leaves its passengers. Stoppages are those railway stations where the train stops and passenger whose destination is this station leaves the train.

Now, in this section, we are going to share a list of those stoppages so that you can remember them and use them as needed. But remember one thing, sometimes due to negligence if you forget stoppages then you should visit our website and get it from here. Now, let’s see the stoppages of the Sundarban train route of Dhaka to Khulna and Khulna to Dhaka.

  • Biman Bandar
  • Joydebpur
  • Mouchak
  • Mirzapur
  • Tangail
  • BB Setu (East)
  • SM Monsur Ali
  • Jamtoil
  • Ullapara
  • Boral bridge
  • Chatmohar
  • Ishurdi
  • Bheramara
  • Poradaha
  • Alamdanga
  • Chuadanga
  • Darsana Halt
  • Court Chandpur
  • Jessore
  • Noapara
  • Daulatpur

Chitra Express

Chitra Express is the most popular and exclusive train running in Dhaka to Khulna and Khulna rail route. Now we will know the Dhaka to Khulna train schedule of Chitra Express.

Chitra Express is an Intercity train which has 12 passenger coaches behind the engine of the train. It has a huge loading capacity of 881 passengers. So that a large number of people can travel on this train at a time. You will get all of the modern facilities in Chitra Express.

There are several facilities available on the Chitra Express which you will not get any other train coaches. There is a specific number every train has which are running under Bangladesh Railway. So, Chitra Express’s train number is 763 when it is travelling Dhaka to Khulna and 764 when it is travelling Khulna to Dhaka.

Chitra Express Train Schedule

Now we are going to discuss the time schedule of Chitra Express. Chitra Express starts its journey from Khulna at 8.30 Am in the morning towards its destination Dhaka. It takes Chitra Express almost 10 hours to reach Dhaka. Chitra Express reaches at 6:30 PM at its destination Dhaka.

It starts it’s journey again after 30 minutes break. After the break, it starts it’s journey again to return back to Khulna. Chitra Express starts the journey from Dhaka at 7.00 PM in the Evening towards its destination Khulna. It takes Chitra Express almost 10 hours to reach Khulna. Chitra Express reaches at 05:10 AM at its destination Dhaka.

Dhaka to Khulna Train Schedule Graphic Representation

Here’s the graphic presentation of sundarban express train schedule and chitra express train schedule. Below image will show you the time table of train in this route. It will also show you, Bangladesh railway schedule dhaka to khulna.


Dhaka to Khulna Train Schedule

We have shared that there are two express trains are running in this route of Dhaka to Khulna. Now, so far we have explained in-depth information regarding those two trains. Now, here in this section, we are presenting you Dhaka to Khulna train schedule 2021. Train schedule dhaka to khulna is essential for you to know. Check out the below table.

Name of TrainDeparture TimeArrivalOff Day
Sundarban Express6:20 AM4:20 PMWednesday
Chitra Express7:00 PM5:10 AMMonday

Khulna to Dhaka Train Schedule

Khulna to Dhaka train schedule seems to be the same as the Dhaka to Khulna train Schedule. There is a simple change in the train schedule of Khulna to Dhaka. Before you decide to travel in this route you must keep in mind the off day of those trains, Dhaka Khulna train route is not something you would find everywhere, to help you, we have shared the details in the below table.

Name of TrainDeparture TimeArrivalOff Day
Sundarban Express8:30 PM6:40 AMTuesday
Chitra Express8:30 AM6:20 PMMonday

Dhaka to Khulna Train Ticket Price

Now that we know the schedule and off-days of both of those trains. Let’s see the ticket price of both of the trains. Dhaka to Khulna and Khulna to Dhaka train ticket price seems to be the same. Bangladesh railway ticket price dhaka to khulna varies according to class. The below table section will provide comprehensive information.

SL. No.Class NameTicket Price
01Shovon390 Tk.
02Shovon Chair465 Tk.
03Snigdha891 Tk.
041st Class Ticket620 Tk.
05AC Chair1070 Tk.
061st Class Birth930 Tk.
07AC Birth1599 Tk

Finishing Words

That’s all for this discussion of Khulna to Dhaka train schedule along with details of their ticket price. Now, If you are interested to travel in this route then you need to read the above article carefully.

After complete reading, if then you have any further queries or questions regarding Dhaka to Khulna Train schedule or timetable and ticket price. Please let us know through the below comment form or you can use our contact us page. Our dedicated admin will reply to you through the channel you used to contact us with an answer to your query.

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