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Why Does Dan Bongino Have a Black Eye

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino was recently spotted with a black eye. The internet has been buzzing with speculation as to how he got it. Some say it’s from a fight, while others believe he was hit by a flying object during a recent speaking engagement.

Whatever the case, we can all agree that it’s pretty badass.

Dan Bongino, a former United States Secret Service agent and current conservative commentator, was recently spotted with a black eye. Many people are wondering why he has a black eye, especially since he is usually so well-groomed and put-together.There are several theories floating around about why Dan Bongino has a black eye.

One theory is that he got into a fight with someone who disagrees with his political views. Another theory is that he was injured while working on his podcast or some other type of media project.Whatever the reason for his black eye, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down Dan Bongino.

He continues to be an outspoken commentator on the political scene, and we’re sure he’ll continue to turn heads – even with a black eye.

1)Why Did Dan Bongino Have a Black Eye

On July 4, 2016, Dan Bongino was involved in a physical altercation with an intoxicated man who was causing a disturbance at a cookout that Bongino was attending. During the altercation, Bongino sustained a black eye.Bongino has said that he does not regret defending his family and friends from the belligerent man, and that he would do it again if necessary.

Dan Bongino On Mueller Debunking Buzzfeed: 'Significant Black Eye For Media Outlets All Over'


In his blog post, Dan Bongino explains why he has a black eye. He says that he was playing football with his son when he was hit in the face with the ball. He describes the incident as a “freak accident” and says that he is doing fine.

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