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How Do I Know What to Charge People for My Handyman Service?

Running a handyman business is challenging. But it is more difficult to determine the proper charge for your handyman business.

Usually, you will find it complicated to maintain the proper growth of your business. But don’t worry and stay with us. We will guide you through some steps that may help you to fix your charge for the handyman service.

And even if you are new to handyman service providing job or struggling to determine the right price for your service that can be called affordable handyman service, stay with us and follow this simple guide.

Guide to Charge People for Your Handyman Service

Noting is determined in this world. But if you know how to do something, there is a greater chance that you can accomplish a better result than others. In the following, we are pleased to give a guide to charge people for your handyman service.

Decide What Handyman Services You’re Going to Offer

Initially, you need to determine what kind of services you will offer for the people in your community through your handyman service business. And it will be better that you know the people’s needs. Arrange the necessary tools you have to start with and provide services efficiently.

Be mindful that your service type needs to be compatible according to the need of your clients. For the individual, you have to provide one kind of service. And for commercial clients, you may need to give more time and effort.

In any of the cases, identify and settle the service type of your handyman business. And fix the rate according to that.

Research Competitor Pricing

After determining the service type, it is now time to do some more competitor research and the rate of their service charge. It will give you a better understanding to fix the pricing issue of your handyman business.

You can take the help of the Google search to accomplish the expected result, including different handyman industries, their charging rates, and other necessary pricing. It will be great to do a comparative analysis of your competitors who offer a similar type of service in your area.

Determine Your Expenses

You have a better understanding of your competitors now—time to identify and figure out the scale of your handyman business operation cost.

The expenses of business operation will vary depending on the size and financial modeling of your business. For a more comfortable position, reduce the unnecessary costs and concentrate on customer satisfaction.

Keep in Mind:

  • Be a little more cautious
  • Follow the cost-effective approach to ensure the chances of your winning

Set an Hourly Rate

It’s time to fix the service charge of your handyman job as you have researched and know the client’s expectations. It will be easier for you to do the necessary pricing. Setting up an hourly rate of your service will be advantageous in many ways.

  • It will ensure proper payment for your time and energy
  • You will get paid depending on the time you take to complete the task
  • It is safer for the growth of your business

It is recommended that you charge a flat rate for your services.

Key Takeaways

Some important notes from the above for your convenience:

  • Determine your service type
  • Have a clear understanding of your competitors
  • Take the approach of a cost-based pricing
  • Be cost-effective in maintaining your business operation expenses

Estimate Taxes

Your handyman service’s charging rate may affect the amount of tax you pay for your business.

In most countries, including the USA, you need to pay federal income tax and self-employment tax if you are a self-employed handyman in any of the states. Your rate of tax may differ depending on the place you reside.

Offer Discounts

You can offer a discount when you are ready to serve your community with your handyman service. The offer can be a service package or a special offer for your neighbor and community.

Final Thought

To outrank your competitors or give a balanced look at your handyman business, carefully determine the charges of your services. Keep in mind your service type, do the competitors’ research properly, and set up an hourly rate.

Attract the customers and grow your business by offering discounts on your service charge.

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