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Why Do Athletes Wear Eye Black?

You may detect black paint or black stickers beneath an athlete’s eyes during sports competitions. Most typically football players, MLB, softball, and lacrosse players flaunt this eye black appearance during competitions.

It could come as a surprise to you that there is a practical purpose to utilizing the black beneath the eyes in games, although it looks very good. Players have said this.

So, does eye black really work, or is it just a marketing gimmick? The following is an explanation of the many reasons why football players use eye black.

What Causes Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

Eye black is often composed of grease, a strip, or a sticker and is applied directly beneath an athlete’s eye. Athletes are the most likely to be seen wearing eye black, although the eye black sticker is becoming more fashionable.

During competitions, athletes from sports such as major league baseball (MLB), football, lacrosse, and softball often wear something beneath their eyes. So, what precisely is this?

What Ingredients Makeup Eye Black?

Eye black has been crafted throughout the years by amateur and professional sportsmen alike using a wide variety of different materials. Burnt cork and shoe polish are two of the items that may be used to make eye black.

The majority of eye black grease that is sold in stores nowadays is crafted from beeswax, paraffin, and charcoal powder. Stickers and strips designed to reduce glare are constructed from a material that has a matte surface.

When Did Players Begin Using Eye Black?

The first time that we are aware of a professional athlete wearing eye black was in the 1930s, and the athlete in question was Babe Ruth. To lessen the glare caused by the sun during day games, Babe Ruth started wearing eye black while playing baseball.

After a few years had passed, a football player named Andy Farkas who played for the Washington Redskins started wearing eye black during games as well. The number of players seen wearing eye black during competition steadily increased over many decades.

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What is the significance of the dark makeup that football players wear under their eyes?

Eye black is used by competitors of different sports, including football players, to enhance their eyesight while competing.

The idea behind eye black grease is that it may absorb strong sunlight and sun glare away from the player’s cheekbone and eye, which in turn makes it easier for the player to see the ball.

Even during night games, a significant number of players will wear eye black to prevent the bright lights of the stadium from momentarily impairing their vision when they are attempting to catch the ball.

It is most typical for outfielders to wear eye black since their primary responsibility is to monitor the ball during both day and night games.

Eye black stickers are worn by NFL American Football players and other athletes for their appearance, which is another reason why they do so. Some gamers like applying antiglare stickers on their faces to achieve the appearance of battle paint.

Other gamers want to be able to utilize eye black to advertise biblical passages, tributes, logos, and other things. No of motivation for their use of the grease, a lot of players consider it to be an integral aspect of their character while they’re competing.

Athletes Competing at a Professional Level Who Wear Eye Black

There have been and continue to be a significant number of high-profile NFL players that wear eye black while competing. Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Mark Sanchez, Rey Lewis, and Tim Tebow are just a few of the football players that have been seen wearing eye black.

When it comes to baseball players, Aaron Judge, Mookie Betts, Bruce Harper, Dustin Pedroia, and Manny Machado are all known to use eye black.

Which Sports Do Not Require the Use of Eye Protection?

When it is common practice for athletes to use eye black while competing in sports like football and baseball, the usage of eye black is prohibited in other sports.

Matches of Rugby, Soccer, and Cricket are examples of sports that do not allow players to wear eye black during competition. Aside from those activities, you won’t see swimmers using eye black since it dissolves in water, so they don’t need it.

Which Eye Black is the Most Effective?

There are a variety of eye blacks and strips available for purchase on the market nowadays. The following are some of the most well-known brands that are used by both amateur and professional athletes.

  • Black and white Franklin Sports Eye logo.
  • Warriorblack Single Stick Eyeblack is the eyeshadow you need.
  • Grease seal with an EyeBlack black coating.
  • Black stick manufactured by Franklin Sports for use with football.
  • Wilson Black Make is the brand.
  • Eye Black is the paint used by Elite Choice Sports.
  • Glare Gone is an anti-glare skincare stick designed for athletes.

Is It Risk-Free to Wear Eye Black?

The use of eye black and black stripes to enhance contrast sensitivity is entirely risk-free, as you have correctly said. Dermatologists suggest cleaning your face soon after the game to keep your pores as clean as possible.

If you leave the eye black beneath your eyes for too long, you may get a little rash or acne. Washing your face immediately after the game will keep your pores as clean as possible.

Does Eye Black Work? What Effects, If Any, Does It Actually Have?

Numerous research has been conducted to evaluate the efficacy of wearing eye black to shield oneself from the brightness of the sun.

To lessen the effect of the glare, participants in an experiment conducted in 2003 by Dr. Brian M. DeBroff and Pahk were instructed to apply petroleum jelly, eye black, and antiglare stickers.

There was considerable inconsistency in the data, which rendered the experiment inconclusive although the findings supported eye black in minimizing the glare. Eye black was the subject of another experiment that was conducted in 2005 at the University of New Hampshire.

Benjamin R. Powers concluded that the results did not support the hypothesis that applying eye black may significantly cut down on glare. This link will take you to a PDF that contains more information on the experiment’s overall research.

In the end, MythBusters experimented to determine whether or not eye black is an effective way for sportsmen to lessen the brightness of the sun.

According to the findings of the study, eye black does not reduce glare; nevertheless, it does increase a person’s ability to differentiate between bright and dark environments.

If you wear eye black, you will be able to perhaps better follow things in environments where there is a lot of sunlight.

Where can I get eye black to purchase?

The producers of Eye Black come highly recommended by us as the product that you should purchase. They have firmly established themselves as the industry’s preeminent maker of eye black.

In addition, it does not melt or run down your face while you are wearing it, so you may wear it during the whole game. You may also try looking for eye black at the sports outlet that is closest to you.

What Is the Function of Eye Black Stickers?

Eye black stickers are used to prevent glare generated by sunlight and to deflect sunlight away from the wearer’s eyes. It’s better to use them while the sun is out or when there are strong lights around at night.

These are also worn by players if they do not choose to paint the eye black directly onto their faces. This might be because of concerns about the wearer’s complexion, or it could be because they don’t want the eye black to run.

The eyes of players who often wash their faces with towels will frequently get smeared with a dark color if they opt to clean their eyes with a towel as well.

If the player begins to sweat excessively, the eye black, which acts similarly to makeup, will drip down the face. The eye black may impair your performance if you’re someone who sweats a lot.

Where Are You Supposed to Apply the Eye Black?

When applying eye black, do it one to two inches below each eye and one to two inches to the side of each nose. It is essential to avoid getting grease directly in your eyes since it has the potential to create blurriness as well as discomfort.

What Methods Can I Use to Remove Eye Black Stains from Clothes?

Grease is what eye black is. To get rid of the dark stain on the garments, you may use soap or any other kind of grease remover.


Several factors go into an athlete’s decision to compete while sporting eye black or MLB stickers. Some people wear black stripes to decrease the amount of brightness they are exposed to, while others wear them to intimidate others.

It’s up to the athlete to decide if they want to employ the black lines beneath their eyes for any or all of these reasons.

You may anticipate seeing a lot of players wearing this style during football, baseball, and lacrosse games, regardless of the reason why they wear the black beneath their eyes in the first place.

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