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Causes and Effect of Sudden Hypertension

Causes and Effect of Sudden Hypertension

Do you want to know the causes and effect of sudden hypertension? Here we have illustrated everything with 06 significant point to help you understanding the consequences.

Available data and medical observations point out that hypertension is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction in males. More cases of erectile dysfunction have emerged in males with high blood pressure than in males with normal pressure.

Causes and Effect of Sudden Hypertension

Hypertension is the constant pressure blood puts against blood walls. It damages blood walls, which in turn reduces the blood flow towards the organ of the male. It also destroys the function of other vital organs such as the heart, kidney, and brain.

Its sexual consequences are low libido and erection related difficulties. The added fear is an adverse reaction from the accidental mixing of drugs with ED medicine.

1. Sexual Effect of Hypertension

The direct impact of hypertension is visible in difficulties faced by males in the erection process. The outward symptoms of hypertension may not be visible, but its impact always shows in the sexual life of the affected man.

According to medical experts, hypertension hardens blood vessels. The constant pressure on blood artery walls damages them.  The body tries to repair the impairment. It leads to a scar on blood vessels, which further reduces vessels’ ability to transport blood.

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2. Side-effects on Erection Process

The indirect way hypertension impacts sexual life is a side effect of blood pressure medicines. All blood pressure medicines, especially diuretic pills, and beta-blockers, decrease erection degree.

Diuretic drugs also damage zinc, which makes testosterone.  Reduction in the production of testosterone impacts the libido of the male. Low libido lowers the desire for intimacy, which further makes it difficult to get an erection.

Low libido complicates the problem, as it reduces the aroused level. It gets challenging to get arousal from physical stimulation. Doctors recommend physical stimulation even when they prescribe a higher dose of Tadalafil 60mg for severe cases. 

3. Hypertension Medicine with Less Severe Impact on Sexual Life

 There are other hypertension medicines with a less adverse effect on the erection process. These include ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, angiotensin 11 receptor blockers, etc. are less likely to cause erectile issues.

A male facing erection difficulty after using beta-blockers or diuretic should demand an alternative mentioned. 

4. Avoid Mixing Hypertension Drugs with ED Medicine

Doctors check the medical history and current medical status before prescribing 200 mg Sildenafil citrate The checks include assessing the degree of erectile dysfunction and tolerability of the body to withstand recommended doses.

Doctors also make sure to check the medication regimen of the male. Erectile dysfunction medicines react strongly with hypertension drugs—both erectile dysfunction medicines.

And hypertension drugs dilate the blood vessels to increase space for increased blood flow. The reduction in blood pressure can be steep when both medicines are taken simultaneously.

The nitrate-based drugs, which have nitrate oxide as an active chemical ingredient, produce more severe reactions. With ED drugs, the nitrate-based medicines lower blood pressure to dangerously low levels. It could lead to fainting, dizziness, and vision loss in some cases. Medical experts say that blood flow reduction to the optic nerve can cause vision issues.

5. Need for Strict Care

It is right that a high blood pressure patient faces two front attacks. Hypertension patients take medicines, which increase the chances of erectile dysfunction as a side effect.

It is in addition to the adverse impact of hypertension on the sexual health of a patient. But it does not mean that a male with hypertension cannot use ED medicines for boosting erection.

Take medical consultations to know the exact dose requirement. It can be a higher dose of Levitra 60mg. The doctor will suggest keeping a gap of 24 hours between doses for hypertension and erectile dysfunction.

The chemical of ED medicine gets eliminated after 24 hours.  Then it is safe to take blood pressure medicine.

6. Control Blood Pressure to Boosting Erection

Health care experts have observed that males who are able to manage their blood pressure issue increase their erection degree. The permanent relief from any adverse sexual consequence from hypertension is keeping it under control. Erection medicines will only offer comfort for a few hours.

Medical experts suggest healthy food, fruits like berries, pomegranate improve blood flow by dilating blood vessels. Natural remedies can sustain the improvement in blood pressure for a longer duration.

Final Words: Causes & Effect of Sudden Hypertension

Stick to a healthy lifestyle by eliminating salt, processed food, and canned food from your diet. Exercise to lose extra weight to reduce the severity of blood pressure.

A fit and active body boost confidence, which is reflected in a healthy life. Take natural remedies to control hypertension and thereby improve erectile dysfunction. We hope you have read the Causes and Effect of Sudden Hypertension.

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