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SSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board with full mark sheet download option is opened recently. SSC result published date recently released on Chittagong Education Board’s official result website. The publishing date of SSC result set as 7th May 2020 and Chittagong education board will operate the whole process. Though on the same day SSC and equivalent to SSC exam result 2020 will be published on the same date and time.

All the students from all the education boards will be able to see their SSC result 2020 with mark sheet from below list. Just find your respective education board and click on the link. After clicking on the URL, you will reach your education board result page from there you can quickly get your result.

Bangladesh Education Board SSC Result With Mark Sheet

SL. NO.Education Board NameSSC Result 2020 With Mark Sheet
01Dhaka Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
02Jessore Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
03Mymensingh Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
04Rajshahi Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
05Dinajpur Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
06Comilla Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
07Sylhet Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
08Chittagong Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
09Barisal Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
10Technical (Vocational) Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
11Madrasah Education Board Dakhil Result With Mark SheetSee Result

Now, if you are a student under the Chittagong education board and want to get your SSC result 2020 with Mark Sheet, then you are in the perfect place. Here in this post, we are going to discuss all about Chittagong Education Board SSC Result 2020 With Mark Sheet. So that you can quickly get your SSC result so smoothly without any complexity. Nowadays, online, people will move around from this page to that page, but we are not going to do that. Instead of that, we will share all the procedures that you will need to see your SSC result 2020 very easily.

After thoroughly reading our article, you will no longer need anybody to tell you How to Get SSC results 2020 or How to check the Chittagong Board SSC result 2020. Without anyone’s help, you will have the ability to see your SSC Result Mark Sheet 2020. Without any further due, let’s start the discussion.

Let’s discuss a bit about SSC exam 2020

SSC also known as Secondary School Certificate exam result of Chittagong education board 2020. You probably know that the SSC exam 2020 was started on 1st February and ended on 8th March 2020. After the written exam completed, the practical exam started on the next day, meaning 9th March, and it continued to 14th March 2020.

Every subject’s exam held on 100 marks, and out of 100, 60 marks are for written exam, and the remaining 40 marks are for MCQ, meaning Multiple Choice Questions. You should know that, if a subject has practical exams, for only that subject this MCQ part’s mark will be 35.

SSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board

According to the education board’s official website, we get probable information regarding the number of students who participated in SSC exam 2020. The report shows that the total number of participants is 149606, who were participated under Chittagong education board in SSC exam 2020. Among them, most of the students are regular, and some of them students are casual. If we divide based on gender then it shows that, 68645 male and 80961 female students were participated in SSC exam under Chittagong education board.

SSC Result of Chittagong Education Board

As we said earlier in this post that according to the history of result publishing in Bangladesh, the SSC result of Chittagong education board, including Comilla, Rajshahi, Jessore, Sylhet, Barisal, Dinajpur, Mymensingh will publish at the same day same time. The other two education boards, which are, Technical education board and the Madrasah Education Board, will publish on the same day with SSC exam result published date 2020.

As we know that, the Board of Secondary Education Board, Chittagong is primarily responsible for administering all activities regarding all public schools and educational institutions. Though English-medium schools and Madrasah are excluded from the general board, the Chittagong education board located in CDA Avenue, Muradpur, Panchlaish, Chittagong City. If you need to know anything related to the Chittagong education board, then you can visit, or you can contact them by sending an email to their mailing address which is,

Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Chittagong

CDA Avenue, Muradpur, Panchlaish

Chittagong. Phone: 031-2553150-54

Fax: 031-2553149, 031-2553151

Chairman: 2553144

Secretary: 2553155



SSC Result 2020 for Chittagong Education Board

SSC Result Chittagong Board with Full Marksheet Post Image - 01

The education board of Bangladesh is also responsible for providing authorization and recognition to newly developed and established private, non-governmental educational institutions, and they also supervise their improvements. Chittagong, Khagrachari, Rangamati, and Cox’s Bazar are included in the Chittagong Education Board’s jurisdiction of BISE Chittagong.

Last year in 2019 SSC exam result was released on 6th May. So, this year 2020 also SSC Result 2020 is going to published on 7th May 2020.

SSC Result Dhaka board Official Website:


SSC Result Chittagong Board By Mobile SMS

Finding results through SMS is the second most popular way for checking SSC Result of Education Board, Bangladesh. People uses SMS method regularly for searching SSC result 2020 Chittagong education board for their close people or themselves. You can also get SSC result very easily by SMS medium.

How fast you would get your result through SMS depends on the quality of your smartphone or simple mobile phone.  You have to wait until the result published officially from the Education Ministry of Bangladesh. Now that you know about checking SSC results through SMS, now you need to know how to send SMS and get the result so fast. Here is the SMS format you should send to 16222.

Go to your Mobile text option

Type SSC<Space>DHA<Space>Your roll no<Space>2020

Send it to 16222

For Example: SSC DHA 8477656 2020 and send to 16222

Grading System Chittagong Education Board Result

SSC Result Chittagong Board with Full Marksheet Post Image

If you happened to watch that the result, you want to find the score displayed there with different grading presented by Alphabets from “A” to “F.” Now, what do those letters mean? If you do not understand them, then we will make it easy for you and help you understand them. Previously according to the grading system of Bangladesh, compared to the present grade system, GPA 3.5 out of 5 for both SSC & HSC considered as First Class. But now those grading system upgraded to direct numeric point and alphabetic grading system.

The Board of Secondary Education, Chittagong, is responsible and officially in-charge of managing and organizing each government-funded school except for English-medium schools and madrasahs under Chittagong education board’s jurisdiction. In the same way for SSC, HSC annual exam results, First Class, Second Class, Pass and Failed presented in Division system was calculated previously. But now those grading system upgraded to direct numeric point and alphabetic grading system. Below is a table of the present grading system so that you can better understand it.

Class IntervalLetter GradeGrade Point

If you want to get your SSC exam result online, then you should know that there are several platforms where you can put your roll and registration number and get your result so easily. On top of that, the government of Bangladesh has a dedicated website only for Education Board’s result.

SSC Result Chittagong Education Board 2020

Please remember one important thing that there are various opportunities to put info and search your SSC Exam Result from those Common platforms. However, you may also search any of the Education board results 2020 online from different platforms of SSC Result publishing. On top of that, you can easily select your Education Board on that platform, and even if you are not a Student of Chittagong Education Board, you can get your result also.



However, after publishing the SSC result, if you are confused regarding your result, then there is a way for you. If you did not get the result you expected and you believe that there must be some mistake, then you can apply for Re-scrutiny system for recheck your exam papers. For know, details click the below button.


SSC Result 2020 Chittagong Education Board Mark Sheet Download

During the result publishing for the SSC board exam, the Chittagong education board also publish the subject wise mark-sheet along with the result card. After a few hours of the official result publishing, you can get the SSC result with mark-sheet. SSC result 2020 with mark-sheet of Chittagong education board will be available with course wise marks.

Now for details of marks, you can only download the SSC result 2020 Chittagong board with Mark-sheet. We said earlier in this post that you need to wait at-least sometime after the official release of the result from the ministry. The server of detailed result will be open after some time, and then you can see how many marks you got in specific subjects. Detail result will be available on our official education board’s website named

Remember one thing that you will not be able to get your detailed result without roll and registration number. You can use our app for getting SSC result 2020 with detailed Mark Sheet.

With that being said, you are happy with your result. Now your next step is applying for admission in a proper college. You must do this within the time schedule published by the government. We have a full proof blog post on how to apply for HSC college admission and how to admit there step by step. Please follow the link below and get what you need to know before admit in a College.

Finishing Words Regarding SSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board Mark Sheet

We are at the end of this article, and we hope that now you know everything you need to know about SSC result 2020 Chittagong education board. Education Ministry will release a press conference before publishing the SSC result 2020, and then on the mentioned date of 7th May 2020, the result of the SSC board exam will publish accordingly. Following the SSC result, other equivalent exam results will also publish on the same day and same date.

We will publish SSC results from the official server of Bangladesh education board here on this website. If you want to get your result online, then you can get it from here in this post very easily. Collect your close people’s SSC roll and registration number and keep it safe so that you can use them when you need to see their SSC result 2020 Chittagong education Board with Mark-Sheet.

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