7 Ways to Play Mobile Legends for Beginners, Solo Rank to Mythic!

7 Ways to Play Mobile Legends for Beginners, Solo Rank to Mythic!

How to play Mobile Legends for beginners can be a guide for those of you who are just starting to play MOBA games. Come on, check out how to play Mobile Legends alone here.

Are you one of the pro players in Mobile Legends? Or do you just want to play one of the best Android games?

Playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is certainly a pretty fun thing to fill your spare time. Besides the game mode which is quite fast, you can also practice strategy, concentration, and more.

For those of you who just want to try playing Mobile Legends, usually, you will experience problems such as not being able to determine what items to buy.

So, to be able to better understand the gameplay and how to play correctly, this time Gizmo Concept will discuss how to play Mobile Legends for beginners. Guaranteed to win continuously!

Tips and Tricks for Playing Mobile Legends for Beginners

Apart from addictive gameplay, Mobile Legends is also popular with smartphone users because there are many cool heroes and skins in Mobile Legends to use.

If you have ever played this game but have lost and been called “little” by your teammates, you should consider the tips for playing Mobile Legends below!

1. Adequate Connection

One of the challenges of playing this online multiplayer game is an internet connection. However, most beginners don’t really care about this.

The next Mobile Legend guide is to make sure your internet connection is in a stable state. This aims to avoid lag in the game while playing.

Because, lag in the game can make you leave the match, aka AFK, so you will bother your teammates who are struggling, gang.

For that, it’s better not to play when the internet connection is fluctuating, unless you already know how to deal with lag in Mobile Legends.

2. Master One Hero

When you first play, you will get a Mobile Legends hero for beginners which is free. For example Layla and Miya.

As a new player, of course, you don’t know much about what heroes are suitable to try, what kind of skills, what builds to use, and so on.

To overcome this, Moonton has created a special mode for learning. This mode is Custom Mode. In it, there are 3 additional modes, ClassicBrawlDraft Pick, and Practice.

If you have mastered one hero, then you can try tips on choosing other Mobile Legends heroes, for example choosing the best Mobile Legends hero.

3. Set the Build Item

If you have mastered one or several heroes in Mobile Legends, you can control what build items are used in the game.

These settings are in the Preparation> Build menu. Then, you can choose which hero you want to set the building for.

If you are confused about how to build a Mobile Legend hero that is suitable for the hero you want to use, you can see Hot Builds or Pro Builds used by pro players.

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Tips for playing Mobile Legends next …

4. View the Mini Map

Learning Mobile Legends next is looking at the mini-map in the upper left corner of the screen. Many of the beginners played without looking at the mini-map to annoy their teammates.

Players who never pay attention to the mini map can be called “blind map”. This term in Mobile Legends means that you never see the mini map to find out the position of friends or foes.

Blind map players also have the potential to be reported because they don’t care about a friend’s condition while in a war , or don’t see the condition of the turret when attacked by an enemy.

Indeed, the mini map only covers a small part of the Land of Dawn and does not provide the widest range of the Mobile Legends drone map . However, the mini map is still very useful.

5. Compact with the Team

The quick way to increase the ML solo rank is that you have to be able to compact with your teammates . Make sure to help each other, especially during war , gang.

If at the beginning of the game or ( early game ) you play alone, of course it is not a problem. But if it is in the middle of the game ( mid game ) to the end ( late game ), cooperation is needed.

If you have entered the late game , as much as possible don’t play alone without a teammate. Because, the enemy is getting stronger and you could be beaten up badly.

By playing together and not insulting each other, the chances of winning will increase. So, it is easier for you to pass the rank order in Mobile Legends until you reach Mythical Glory.

6. Upgrade Emblem

The correct way to play Mobile Legend is to upgrade the Mobile Legends emblem . After you determine which hero is suitable, don’t forget to choose the appropriate emblem.

In Mobile Legends, there are 9 emblems that you can use, including Physical, Magical, Tank, Jungle, Assassin, Mage, Fighter, Support, and Marksman.

Emblems can increase the strength of the hero you use. In other words, the higher the level of the emblem, of course the hero strength will be even greater, gang.

The other most important thing is to make the wrong choice of emblems. For example, if you use Tigreal, it will be useful to use the Tank emblem , not Magic, let alone Assassin.

7. Watching Streams Often

Many of the professional Mobile Legends players record their matches and upload them on the YouTube or Facebook site.

You can watch the recording on a game streaming application and learn how they use each hero properly.

Apart from going through the application, you can also take advantage of the Live Streaming feature which allows you to see matches directly from within the Mobile Legends game.

Most of the professional players always know how to overcome the Mobile Legend noob team . So, you can learn it and carry the team when you are almost defeated, gang.

The Final Words

Those are some tips about how to play Mobile Legends for beginners that you can apply. By following this method, you can win more easily even if you play solo. But, ApkVenue recommends playing Mobile Legend sufficiently and not to interfere with important routines in everyday life, huh!

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