What Does Burberry Her Intense Smell Like: Best Lady Perfume

Burberry Her is the first premium perfume from Coty. The perfume promotes youth, creativity, and strength. Hence, it has become an energetic perfume for every independent and strong woman out there. If you wish to buy Burberry Her intense perfume, knowing more about it would surely help.

The main question is- what does Burberry Her intense smell like? This is undoubtedly the most prominent feature of any perfume as the scent and fragrance are the most important factor that any customer would consider.

Let’s find out more about the smell of this perfume and some other unknown facts.

The Juice of Burberry Her Intense

Burberry Her is a perfume that is filled with fruit flavors. You will be able to smell different fruity flavors from the intense scent of the perfume.

The perfume has a fruity floral gourmand juicy smell. It involves different berries like strawberry, cherry, blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry. There is also mask, violet, and jasmine in the juice of the perfume.

The idea of including fruits and flowers in the juice is to find the perfect light scent. The smell is a lot like whipped cream with a sweet note that is airy and dry.

The Story Behind the Smell of Burberry Her Intense

The entire collection of Burberry Her perfume has a similar story behind its smell. The perfume portrays the smell of the city of London. And Burberry Her Intense does not shy away from that either.

The Her Intense perfume line is much more focused in London during sunset. It portrays how London looks like when the sun starts to set. You could see and smell the colorful and youthful berries during the time.

Overall, the Burberry Her Intense is a strong perfume for women. The perfume portrays the lively women of London through its fragrance. Hence, you will feel like the women of the London city through the scents of the city.

So! How Long Does the Blueberry Her Intense Last?

The Burberry Her Intense perfume is popular for its long-lasting, strong smell. It is known to last as long as 6 hours. You will surely notice the smell at least 4 hours after putting it on. Some users have reviewed finding the woody and musky smell even after 6 hours.

What Does Burberry Her Intense Perfume Smell Like?

Now comes the main discussion of the topic here. What does Burberry Her intense smell like? We think you might already have some idea about the smell by now.

Do you expect the perfume to smell like fruits and particularly berries? Then you are right. The Burberry Her intense perfume smells completely like the berries included in its juice. Therefore, you will always smell the fruits and remember the berries.

The perfume also has a floral scent. But that is not prominent. You will have to go looking for it in its scent. The flowers of the juice do not stand out among the fruits.

However, if you are looking for an old-school scent, Burberry Her intense does not bring that. The fruity flavor is embedded with airy, clean, and amber-like musk. The complete smell will make you feel like a fruit salad, but that fragrance is certainly brief.

Now comes the undertone of the perfume. The undertone smells a little dry. You will smell the bitterness there as well, and the scent initiates with clean, light, and vanilla. But after 30 minutes, you will start noticing the fruity wild musk smell.

The smell of the popular perfume is young and a lot like blush pink.


In summary, the perfume emits scents of London during sunset. You will find the berries and flowers smelling from the perfume. The juice includes all kinds of berries. And underneath, you will find a woody, musky, and flowery smell.

The intense line perfume of Burberry is very popular for its long-lasting smell too. This is the perfume to choose when you express an intense whipped cream vanilla scent.

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