SSC Vocational Result 2022 Technical Board With Mark Sheet

Are you eagerly looking for Technical Board SSC Result 2021 with a mark sheet?

Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) is following the same activity as the other general education board’s SSC Result 2021 for their SSC vocational result 2021.

Bangladesh Technical Education Board is solely responsible for publishing SSC result 2021 (vocational) along with the Bangladesh Education Board and Bangladesh Education Ministry.

SSC Vocational is an education system which is educating the deprived people on a specific education board under BTEB.

If we want to talk about the SSC Vocational Exam then we know that it the Divided into two individual parts. We also understand that BTEB has to do Both Parts within every Education year.

However, the full mark-sheet and grade points, the board will publish at the same time.

When the general education boards will publish the SSC Result 2021, BTEB also Publishes the SSC vocational 2021 Exam Result Technical Education Board too.

Though statistics show that, most of the instances BTEB Publishes their vocational SSC result earlier other Board.

Bangladesh Education Board SSC Result With Mark Sheet

SL. NO.Education Board NameSSC Result 2021 With Mark Sheet
01Dhaka Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
02Jessore Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
03Mymensingh Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
04Rajshahi Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
05Dinajpur Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
06Comilla Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
07Sylhet Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
08Chittagong Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
09Barisal Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
10Technical (Vocational) Education Board SSC Result With Mark SheetSee Result
11Madrasah Education Board Dakhil Result With Mark SheetSee Result

SSC Vocational Result Publish Date

The honorable minister of the Education Ministry said in a press release to the media that the Vocational Result 2021 published, will take 60 days of written exam.

Now every student who participated in the SSC vocational exam 2021 must have to wait till then.

However, we all know that all education boards under Bangladesh Central Education Board will publish the SSC Result 2021 on 7th May 2021 according to their yearly calendar.

Based on the academic calendar or BTEB the Vocational Result 2021 Technical board will also publish on 7th May 2021.

SSC Vocational Exam Result 2021 is usually released with two specific systems. Students of BTEB sit for two exams on the way to passing SSC. Below we have explained both of them.

Step – 01: First final Exam finished before they start on class Ten. If they pass that exam that means, step one is completed in class 9. It conducts in its own institution.

First step final marks submit to BTEB Instantly.

BTEB Stored the Marks for Next year.

Step – 02: Second final exam finishes with the SSC Exam of general education boards.

They need to attend the final exam as SSC Vocational Exam 2021.

They already finished their 1st step Exam before.

The result of the vocational final exam and SSC exam publishes at the same time together

How to Get Technical Board SSC Result 2021 before Publish?

Is it Possible??

There are many people who want to get the result before the board published SSC vocational result. Now they probably think that on the internet anything is possible.

Yes! that is correct here anything is possible if you know how to do it. Regardless of the way you are using is rightful or wrong.

You should understand that there are no specific methods or systems available online or offline to achieve any chances to see SSC Vocational Result 2021 before the official release.

If you encounter any person who offers you to provide Technical Board SSC result 2021 Technical Education Board before the official release then do not continue the conversation with them.

They are going after people whom they think can fool them and steal some money from them.

However, if you do not agree with us, no worries. Just roam around google and read some other pages related to BTEB SSC vocational results and see that whether they are saying what we are saying here or not.

If you see that they are talking about what we are too then it’s time to follow bellow steps below to get your SSC vocation result 2021 fast after the final release.

In some cases, we also help get your result through Mr. BD Guide’s official Facebook fan page.

SSC Vocational Result 2021

SSC Vocational Result Technical Education Board Post Image 01 - Mr. BD Guide

If you want to get your SSC BTEB vocational result 2021 online then it’s very easy. There are several methods you can use to get your result from home.

However, there are some other unofficial android app is available which will provide your vocational SSC result.

Usually, students of BEB use the government website for watching their SSC Vocational Exam Result. Though BTEB has its own official website for publishing results and all academic notices on

When you will visit the website just click on the result and you will reach the result page where you can see your SSC vocational exam result 2021 without even facing any trouble.

Here are some step-by-step processes you must follow to get your Vocational SSC result from BTEB official website.

  • At first, go to this link
  • Find the result on menu and click on রেজাল্ট
  • Just click on এস এস সি পর্যায়
  • Now you need to fill up the form with your all the correct exam information
  • After that click on Submit button
  • wait for few moments to get your result

SSC BTEB Result 2021 Via Mobile SMS

Now, like every other education board, you can get your SSC result vocational 2021 by sending a simple SMS.

You need to know the SMS method because, during the result publishing season, most of the students are searching for SSC results. Servers of the education boards are becoming vulnerable due to such big number of visitors.

At that moment when you are not able to get your result through the website, then you can use the SMS method to get your result so fast.

Now we are showing you the step-by-step process of SSC Vocational BTEB Result 2021 by SMS.

SSC Vocational Result Technical Board By SMS - Mr. BD Guide

at first, you need to check your mobile balance. If you have no enough balance then please recharge your account of mobile sim card.

Then you will be able to see your SSC technical board result 2021.

  • First you need find and go to your mobile message option
  • Then just type the SMS in this format: SSC<Space>TEC<Space>Roll Number<Space>2021
  • then sent to 16222
  • Wait for Reply message
For Example, SSC TEC 847596 2021 Send to 16222

SSC Result 2021 By SMS

SSC Vocational Result 2021 Technical Education Board

Now there are other two options or platforms which you would love to know and we are going to explain them to you. Bangladesh Education Board has two official result publishing websites they are,


Now we are going to share the result getting process for both of the websites here.

Let’s start with the first website:

Follow the step-by-step process to get SSC vocational Result Technical Education board from the first website.

SSC Vocational Result Technical Education Board From - Mr. BD Guide
  • At first, you need to visit this link
  • Then just click on the options and you will find your examination SSC (Vocational)
  • Click on SSC (Vocational)
  • Then select the year and it is 2021 for you
  • Now you have to Select Board, which is Technical
  • Now put Your Roll Number in the form
  • Give Your Registration Number
  • Now Fill up the math box with the right answer
  • Give a Revision your given Examination information
  • After that click on Submit

wait for a few moments and you will see your technical education board SSC exam result 2021.

Let’s see the second official website:

Follow the step-by-step guide to get SSC vocational Result Technical Education board from the first website.

SSC Vocational Result Technical Education Board From - Mr. BD Guide

Now you will reach a page that looks like the above image. when you will visit then click on SSC/HSC/JSC/equivalent result and follow the below instructions.

SSC Vocational Result Bangladesh Technical Education Board - - 02 - Mr. BD Guide
  • Now select SSC/Dakhil/equivalent
  • Then just Select your Examination year
  • Now you need to select your Board Technical
  • After that just select individual from result type
  • Now you need to Enter Your Roll Number properly
  • Enter Your Registration Number if you want to because it’s optional
  • Now just click on Get Result

wait for a few moments and you will see your technical education board SSC exam result 2021.

SSC Vocational Result BD institute-wise Result

Now, we want you to know every possible thing we think you should know. Sometimes this information gets significant.

So, we are trying to make you prepare for every situation you may encounter.

Do you know that you also can see the result of your institution including any other institute as long as you have the EIIN number? Just search the college name + EIIN number and you will get it.

SSC Vocational Result Bangladesh Technical Education Board - - Institutional Result - Mr. BD Guide

It is the same as the previous one with the individual results. Here to get institution SSC vocational result BTEB 2021, you need to change the result type which is “Institution Result” follow other instructions from the above.

SSC Vocational Result 2021 Mark-Sheet Download

Are you looking for the download option of your VOC SSC result technical education board?

If you are, then you are in the right place you can. We are not only presenting the fastest way of getting results but also to see the process.

Here in this post, we have shared the ultimate result download process.

All you need to do is just follow the few steps below and you are good to go. You do not need to worry again to know how to get SSC Vocational Exam Result 2021 ever. Just save this URL and every time you need to see your result you will be able to do that.

Step 01: Click on SSC vocational Result Download

Step 02: Select Examination As SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent

Step 03: Select Year (2021)

Step 04: Select Technical Board From the Drop-down Options

Step 05: Type your Roll Number

Step 06: Type your Roll Number

Now before you click on Get Result, re-check all your given exam information

Step 07: then click on Get Result

Just wait for a moment your result will be in front of you then you will be able to see and download the result technical educations board.

You can also get SSC Vocational Result 2021 Technical Board PDF download option.

SSC Vocational Re-Scrutiny Result

Now you have seen SSC vocational result, you need to know whether you have got the result according to your expectation.

No need to be worried, there is a solution for re-checking your result through SSC vocational Re-scrutiny result.

To apply for re-checking your result, you need to send a simple SMS.

Follow the below instructions and you can send that very easily.

However, to do this, you must have a Teletalk sim card. Because only from Teletalk sim you can send the SMS to the BTEB to re-check your result.

One more thing before you send the SMS is that you have sent individual SMS for the individual subjects.

That means, if you have two subjects that you want to re-check, then you need to send two of the following SMS.

Each SMS you send will cost 2.44 BDT. Check that you have enough balance on your SIM card.

You have to send two SMS in order to get the confirmation that you have applied successfully.

First SMS

Type: RSC <Space> The First Three Letters of Your Education Board <Space> Your Roll Number <Space> Subject Code and Send it to 16222

For Example

RSC TEC 651322 101

and Sent to 16222

Second SMS

Then again go to Teletalk mobile message option

Type: RSC <Space> Yes <Space> Pin Number <Space> Your Phone Number and Sent it 16222

For Example

RSC YES 28349589 01234567890

and Sent to 16222

When the above all process is done properly then you will get a tracking number in return SMS from the education board.

Remember that the tracking number is very essential for the board challenge re-scrutiny process.

please save this tracking number in a safe place.

Finishing Words: SSC Vocational Result 2021 Technical Board

Now that you have come this far that means you have completed reading the whole post.

We hope that you have now got all the required information you need to know and understand how to get SSC Vocational Result 2020, Technical education board.

Now share this article with your friends and family who also searching for SSC results.

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